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Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Each appraisal goes through our quality control department where our fully licensed review team ensures that each appraisal is accurate and impeccable. All appraisals are tracked internally and each appraiser is monitored for quality and integrity of data.

This is how we make your appraisal operations more productive and efficient:

  • One source for your appraisals statewide
  • Easy to use web based ordering system
  • Automated appraisal status notification
  • Multiple software program compatibility
  • Loan Origination Software integration

MI CU Appraisal Services consistently ranks #1 with our clients in turn-around time and quality. We get it right the first time. Experience the difference and place your next appraisal order with MI CU Appraisal Services.

Please contact us to see the difference that MI CU Appraisal Services can make for your operations.

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